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What is Jacks or Better?

The video poker game, Jacks or Better Double Up is considered by many astute gamblers to the essential online casino game as it offers a combination of slots-like action mixed with table game rules. It is so popular that you can find NetEnt casinos offering it here:

  • Select the bet level you want to wager (1 to 5)
  • Get dealt 5 cards
  • Decide which to keep and which to discard
  • Draw new cards
  • See if you win or lose

The rules for the video poker, Jacks or Better are easy, you place a bet at the beginning by selecting your bet level, and try to build a poker hand. As the name states, any hand containing Jacks or better will stand a chance to win.


How easy is it to win?

With NetEnt's video poker game, Jacks or Better Double Up, you are playing against the house. This means that the house edge comes into play. Like all casino games, you need to employ some video poker strategy to bring the house edge down.

The game includes a feature that can help you to double you winnings. The Double Up feature is a gamble feature where the dealer deals 5 cards with one face up. You need to pick a card that you think will equal or better the face up card.

What is the RTP?

With NetEnt's Jacks or Better Double Up video poker, you need to take into account that the theoretical return to player (RTP) depends on the relevant bet level that you choose up front, before get your initial 5 cards dealt from the dealer.

  • Bet level 1 - 4: RTP = 98.40%
  • Bet level 5: RTP = 99.54%

The most important part of playing Jacks or Better is building up your poker hand in order to try and get Jacks or Better. The better your hand is above this, the better your chance of a payout. You need to understand how poker hands are ranked.

How are video poker hands ranked?

There are different hand rankings and combinations when it comes to video pokers. these hands are the same for all video poker versions. For the Jacks or Better version, any hand combination up and better than a pair of Jacks will qualify you for a win.

The win depends on the cards' value and the order is not important. An exception could be a sequential royal flush which on some games offer bigger payouts. The combinations and hand ranking for video poker games are shown below and are all found on Jacks of Better.

  • Jacks or Better - Lowest paying hand. Any single pair wins - Js, Qs, Ks, As
  • 2 pairs - 2 sets of 2 same value cards - J, J, 7, 7
  • 3 of a kind - 3 same value cards - 10, 10, 10
  • Straight - 5 consecutive mix suit cards. 8C, 9D, 10C, JS, QH
  • Flush - 5 non-consecutive same suit cards - 2, 6, 7, 8, A (all clubs)
  • Full house - 3 of a kind + 1 pair - 7, 7, 7, A, A
  • 3 of a kind - 4 same value cards - Q, Q, Q, Q
  • Straight flush - 5 consecutive same suit cards - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (all spades)
  • Royal flush - Best hand - 10, J, Q, K, A (all harts)

So whats the verdict?

If you are new to video poker, especially Jacks or Better, then you can first practise for free at any NetEnt casino. You can improve your gameplay by employing a strategy chart showing probability rules and knowing when to hold or discard cards based on your initial hand.

Poker players that want to venture into the world of video poker could enjoy NetEnt's Jacks or Better - Double Up Video. The graphics are outstanding and the double-up gamble feature adds further excitement. The functionality and user interface makes this a very enjoyable game.